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discoAfter a Breast Reduction, the fact that your breasts are smaller will help slow down the gravitational pull that has worked against you in the past. But, gravity will still be a factor as the years go by. The ideal solution would be a Breast Reduction and Breast Lift that added extra support to the breast while not compromising look or feel.

The Laser Bra is a technique developed by Dr. Stevens not only to give your breasts a beautiful shape, but also to give your breasts an invisible, always present lift. Think of the Laser Bra as the foundation to a beautiful shape and extra support to help fight the battle with gravity.

How the Laser Bra Technique was Developed

Dr. Stevens had used Lasers for other procedures for years. Especially when used in conjunction with Face Lifts, Dr. Stevens noticed how Lasers helped make the skin tighter and stronger. He decided to apply the same techniques to breast tissue. By treating the breast tissue with the Laser, Dr. Stevens created a revolutionary technique that kept the breasts lifted in a natural, beautiful position. On top of that, the treated tissue was very strong and added an internal support system for the breasts.

How the Laser Bra is Performed

In traditional Breast Reduction techniques, all removed tissue is sent to the pathology lab for examination. But after the biopsy the tissue is not needed and is discarded. For the Laser Bra, Dr. Stevens and Dr. Stoker retain some of the skin and treat it with the Laser. The tissue is then sutured internally to the patient’s chest wall, creating the “Laser Bra”. This tighter, tauter, stronger tissue becomes the Laser Bra and it creates a beautifully shaped bosom while adding internal support to the breast.

Additionally, the Laser Bra cannot be seen or felt. Because it uses the patient’s own tissue, the Laser Bra is safe and there is no rejection and little chance of infection. No additional healing time is needed with a Laser Bra. In fact, some women may heal more quickly because Lasers minimize bleeding and swelling.

Laser Bra Benefits

Women who have the Laser Bra are very happy with the results and many have said that it has improved their quality of life. Their breasts have a natural shape and a lifted silhouette that is long-lasting. In addition, the healing process appears to be easier, allowing the women to return to their normal lives more quickly.

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