Breast Reduction Insurance Los Angeles

A common question we get is about insurance — do insurance companies cover breast reductions?

Every insurance company is different — they each have unique policies and guidelines when it comes to Breast Reduction coverage. The good news is that we are used to working with the insurance companies. We know what type of information they need and we know what to follow up on. We are happy to help our clients work with their insurance companies to determine if their Breast Reductions will be covered, how much of the procedure will be covered and to help get the needed information to the insurance company.

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Working with the Insurance Companies

One of the determining factors for Breast Reduction coverage is the degree of physical problems the potential patient is experiencing. If you are an overly large breasted woman, you are probably very aware of typical symptoms such as chronic neck, back or shoulder pain; grooves in your shoulders from your bra straps; and inability to participate in some high-impact activities.

We work with most PPOs, but not HMOs or IPAs. We send the patient’s insurance company case information that includes:

  • Medical history
  • Height and weight
  • Bra size
  • Physical complaints
  • Photos of breasts and shoulders
  • And other information that can support the woman’s coverage

We always follow up with the insurance company to determine if the surgery will be covered, and if it will be, how much of the surgery will be covered. Because each woman is unique, and each can suffer from different physical ailments to different degrees, coverage tends to be unique to each potential patient. If the insurance company unreasonably denies a patient coverage, we will work on her behalf to appeal the decision.

Working with You

Once we know how much of the procedure the insurance company will cover we will schedule an informative meeting with the potential patient. Few companies will cover 100% of the procedure. At this time we can once again go over the patient’s needs, discuss the ways a Breast Reduction can benefit her, as well as determine the out-of-pocket expenses.

Having a Breast Reduction can be a liberating experience for the overly endowed women. We understand how important it is to alleviate physical discomfort as well as hindrances to enjoying a full life that includes many physical activities. Breast Reduction surgeries have some of the highest patient satisfaction rates and part of that has to do with the patient’s quality of life after the procedure. If you are an overly large breasted woman and want a Breast Reduction, we will work with you and your insurance company to help make your dream a reality.

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