"Scarless" Breast Reduction Los Angeles

For women who suffer from overly large breasts and the physical and emotional trauma that come with them, Beverly Hills breast reduction can quite literally give them their lives back. Neck, back, and shoulder pain frequently improve. It becomes easier to have better posture. Running and other high-impact activities are no longer off limits. Normal clothes fit and there’s no more need to mix-and-match the sizes of tops and bottoms. No more bra strap grooves in the shoulders; no more rashes from sweating or friction.

One downside to breast reduction surgery is scarring. At this time there is no medical procedure to reduce breast size that does not require incisions and all incisions leave a mark of some kind. Learn more about scarring and healing, and when you’re ready, request a consultation through our Inside Online system, where you can schedule a free consultation at select times with Dr. Stevens.

Some breast reduction methods leave less scarring than others. Liposuction breast reduction requires the fewest and smallest incisions, so it causes the least amount of scarring. Some traditional breast reduction methods for Pasadena and Southern California women require fewer or smaller incisions than others. Yet, the bottom line is that some kind of scar will remain.

The best thing to do about any concerns you have is to speak with your doctor. Express any reservations and ask any questions that you may have.

For many women, the scars are worth it. They feel that they can participate in life in a way they never could before. For them, the scars that accompany breast reduction in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles are a worthwhile trade off. But everybody is different and the best thing you can do is ask questions and educate yourself and decide if the trade off is right for you.

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