Breast Reduction Patient Stories

At Marina Plastic Surgery, we don’t simply perform isolated operations. We specialize in developing ongoing relationships with our clients so that they can feel beautiful and confident at any age. This guiding principle is a concept we call Patients for Life™. Our full-spectrum menu of services includes treatments for every age and concern – from plastic surgery to nonsurgical rejuvenation. It is our way of offering you the best personal care for a lifetime of beauty and confidence.

Below you will find several real patient stories about breast reduction in Los Angeles. After reading what these women have to say about their procedures, request a consultation through Inside Online, our Web-exclusive system offering free consultations at select times, making it even easier to talk with our surgeons about your Southern California breast enhancement procedure.

There is no shame in needing help to achieve a healthy body. I was just so impressed by Dr. Stevens and his practice; I would have done almost anything to find a way to have the surgery.

Beautiful, Normal Breasts; Beautiful Breastfed Daughter — Becca’s Dream Comes True

An early developer, Becca always felt like her cumbersome, large breasts were something she just had to live with. Then she found Dr. Stevens …. Read Becca’s story »

I was big in high school. I felt people looked at my chest when they talked to me instead of at my face, and many of them actually did.

Her Breasts are No Longer Center Stage: Helen’s Breast Reduction in Los Angeles

Helen is an assistant director/production assistant in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. Until recently, one of Helen’s attributes commanded too much of the limelight – her breast size. By the time she was an adult, Helen was buying bras with size G cups….
Read Helen’s story »

I couldn’t control Hurricane Katrina, but I could control this.

A New Beginning in New Orleans

A full DD from the time she was in junior high school, Sheila was tired of frequent back and neck pain, ill-fitting clothes and the limits to her physical activity. Not long after evacuating New Orleans, Sheila began looking into traveling from Louisiana to Los Angeles for her breast reduction surgery.
Read Sheila’s story »

My part was easy – they did everything – and the beautiful result is the icing on the cake. My recovery was easy-breezy. It was a walk in the park. I had to take it easy, but I was up doing as much stuff as could. I didn’t have any sharp pains or anything like that.

Penny’s Breast Reduction

The staff at Marina Plastic Surgery did all the paperwork, and found out that Penny’s insurance would cover breast reduction surgery for a part of her body she called “The Shelf”.
Read Penny’s story »

Read testimonials from Long Beach, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills breast reduction patients of Dr. Stevens, or request your consultation today to start transforming your look.

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