Breast Reduction Testimonials

Dr. Stevens gave me a breast reduction and lift. I had NO problems healing and it’s been one of the best things I ever did for myself. I should have done it years earlier. The scars have faded to almost nothing and they look gorgeous.

Do not hesitate to go to Dr. Stevens for this. He does perfect work!

Dr. Stevens does perfect work!

A year ago I had the blessing of having a breast reduction with Dr. Stevens. I say a blessing because I am 24 years old and never thought that at this age I would have been able to do this surgery due to my age as well as financial reasons, but with the help of the staff at Marina Plastic Surgery (particularly Jessica and Charlie) they made it happen for me.

I have always had a large chest at the age of 17 I was a DD and after my first child at 22 I ended up with an F cup, which was uncomfortable and painful. I couldn’t breast feed my child easily so I had to pump. Shopping for tops, bras and bathing suits was just miserable. I took a toll on my over all image, I would really have a hard time looking at myself in the mirror and feeling good. The pain I had to deal with in my back was very frustrating as well I had headaches, shoulder, and neck pain basically my life revolved around my breast.

Now thanks to Dr. Stevens and his amazing staff I lost 25lb I am down to a C cup I have never felt so good. I enjoy shopping now (a little too much if you ask my husband) I look in the mirror and I don’t feel awful. I am so happy. I could not be grateful enough to the wonderful people at Marina Plastic Surgery – they make miracles happen.

Thank you again,

I don’t feel awful, I am so happy

Dear Dr. Stevens, Charlie and the best Nursing staff,
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such a great care of my daughter. She has been suffering from severe back and shoulder pain for the last few years. No support bra or strong bra was able to support her excessive weight of her chest. She always had bruises on the shoulder and her back from the strap. She was restricted in so many physical activities and it had affected her emotionally. Always unable to buy clothes that fit her chest and the rest of her body, it was just a drastic difference.

Doctor Stevens, we are grateful for your Incredible “Laser Bra”. It is natural and by far more supportive than other method. I am sure your Laser Bra will be the standard for the industry. Your treatment of such a delicate matter with a young girl was most gentle and so fatherly. You put her at so much ease, and for that I thank you.

Charlie and the all the nurses were so professional and helpful in the entire process.

She just came home from college today, Now that the bruises and swelling are gone, wow what a difference I see in her. Physically and emotionally.

With much Gratitude,

We are grateful for your Incredible “Laser Bra”

Dear Dr. Stevens and Staff:
I can’t believe that four months has passed since my breast reduction surgery. I have been so thrilled with the results. It truly has given me reason to go on to further improve my health and appearance. I feel lighter and I do stand taller. My friends ask me what have you done to yourself? My breast are actually better than they were when I was in my twenties and early thirties.

I will turn 55 on August 21 and realize that the aging process can now be an exciting one. My husband suggested I consult with you after watching a report on NBC news of the “Stevens Bra Lift”. He knew that the one part of my body that had once been firm and full was now beginning to sag becoming uneven and uncomfortable and I was just about to give up trying to do anything about it. What he did not know is that you were recommended to me as one of the best plastic surgeon’s in California and that I had been planning to consult with you when the time was right for a face lift. As a flight attendant with a major airline we are constantly sharing health and beauty information with flying partners. Your name is one that is both recognized and respected.

Whenever I come to your office whether for a facial I realize that I am being provided with the most advanced procedures available today. Please add my name to your list of happy patients. I would recommend any person who is considering any type of cosmetic or esthetic procedure to first consult with you and your staff. Thank you all at The Institute for your compassion and brilliance.

Most sincerely,

I feel lighter and I do stand taller

Dr. Stevens and Staff,
Thank you so much for the amazing job you have done on my breast reduction. Your office is so organized and professional and I felt so good knowing I was in great hands. I love my “new” look and feel so refreshed! I am very motivated to change my lifestyle and trim down. You are a wonderful Dr.!! I have sent my friend to you and plan to refer many more people to you. Thank you so much, you have changed my life! I look forward to seeing you in the future.

So organized and professional

pttest56Dear Dr. Stevens,
Thank you again for the gift certificate to Café del Rey you gave me last Friday when I was in for my follow up. We had a great lunch break before heading home to San Diego.

Thanks for making my breast lift/reduction “experience” so easy. You and your wonderful staff (especially Patrice and Maria) are the BEST!

There must be 100 plastic surgeons between San Diego and LA, but I would choose you again – in a HEART BEAT!

P.S. Saw you the other night on “Extra”!


You and your wonderful staff are the Best!

Dear Dr. Stevens,
I am writing to thank you again and to tell you what beautiful work you did! The neck and back pain feel so much better, which is fabulous. Equally so, is the emotional pain. I was so thrilled when Charlie first told me that you thought I would be an excellent candidate for this [breast reduction] surgery. I had been told by so many people that they wished they looked like me or that I was so lucky to look the way I did. I even had a ‘doctor’, BDS (before Dr. Stevens), tell me that I should be happy because I looked like a Barbie Doll and women pay thousands of dollars to look like that. It was very validating to finally have someone on my side, those ‘things’ were not comfortable! I could not be any happier and I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. You definitely get an A+ for the C- and I will let you know how I am doing later on. I’m sure it will keep getting better and better! Thank you again!

Best Wishes,

What beautiful work you did

Dear Tammy, Dr. Holloway, Patrice, Maria and the really sweet nurse in the surgery center (I’m so sorry I can’t recall your name because I was so nervous!)

Thank you all so much for making our experience as pleasant and positive as it could be. All of you were so kind to both of us throughout the entire process. Phone calls were always returned, questions were always answered, and we never felt rushed or confused.

I realize you must do this so often, but I never felt like any of you were in a hurry or did not have time for us. Without exception, you all showed extraordinary honesty, efficiency, and empathy – quite an impressive statement to make about an entire (busy!) office.

I can’t tell you how much Jeff and I both appreciate the exceptional care we have been given. We are so lucky to have found you all!

We’ll schedule a follow up next time we’re in LA. Until then, stay happy and well.

Thank You,

Our experience as pleasant and positive as it could be

I just wanted to thank Dr Grant Stevens and his great staff of what a great job they did making me feel comfortable before and after the surgery.


Just wanted to say Thank You

Dr. Stevens
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being the wonderful surgeon and person that you are. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and results from my breast surgery this month…you are truly an artist. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the beginning of October for my follow-up appointment. Stay cool!

All the best.

All the best
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