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When it comes to breast reduction with one of our Los Angeles breast reduction surgeons, great care will go into making sure each patient gets the least invasive procedure appropriate for their body and desired shape.

Most women who are interested in breast reduction surgery in Southern California have breasts that are so large that they hang low on the chest. So, the nipple needs to be relocated, higher up on the breast. There are two ways to move the nipple up: a free nipple graft, where the nipple is temporarily removed from the breast, and the pedicle method which leaves a portion of the nipple attached but still allows the physician to reposition it.

The best way to find out which method is right for you is to request a consultation with Dr. Stevens through Inside Online, our Web consultation request service that offers free consultations at select times and other exclusive benefits for our online visitors.

About the Pedicle Method

The pedicle method is a procedure that minimizes nipple trauma and scarring. Instead of removing the entire nipple like a free nipple graft, the pedicle method leaves a portion of the nipple attached to the breast skin, blood vessels and milk ducts. The pedicles themselves are not visible once the surgery is completed.

There are several variations of the pedicle method. The best choice depends on the size, shape, and placement of your breasts and how much reduction you need. Common techniques include the inferior, medial or superior pedicles, each a portion of skin that stays connected to the breast at some point. The nipple is rotated or shifted to a more suitable location on the breast while the pedicle maintains the blood supply and innervation.

The Preferred Method

The pedicle method offers many advantages over the free nipple graft breast reduction method for Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Greater Los Angeles patients. By not severing the connection with all of the milk ducts, many women may breast feed after the procedure, there is less scarring, and sensation may be maintained.

It is not the appropriate method for all women, though. Women having extensive reductions or emergency surgery may require a free nipple graft instead.

All breast reduction processes begin with a consultation with your physician. Dr. Stevens can evaluate your individual needs and discuss the available reduction procedures with you at your consultation. At this consultation you can discuss concerns, goals, and expectations you have. In turn the physicians can explain the procedures in more depth and determine the best way to help you meet your goals.

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