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Most women who have large enough breasts to consider a Los Angeles breast reduction surgery also need a breast lift (mastopexy) simply because the weight and size of their breasts has allowed gravity to pull the breasts down. Also, most women have excess skin that needs to be removed or lack tissue at the top of their breasts – both reasons to combine breast reduction surgery with mastopexy.

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However, some women can benefit from breast reduction alone, usually performed as liposuction or traditional surgery. When you request a consultation through our Inside Online system, you’ll get a chance to talk with Dr. Stevens one-on-one to determine the best procedure for your breast reduction in Los Angeles. Plus when you use Inside Online, you will gain access to free consultations at select times.

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In California, breast reduction without breast lift is a good choice for certain women with some shared characteristics.

Typical Candidate

  • Tight, elastic skin
    The breast skin must be very elastic and tight, not requiring any breast repositioning. No excess skin will be removed, so the skin should be able to “shrink” to its new size. Many women who have large breasts do not have skin that can shrink enough to be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Excellent nipple position
    The nipple should be in its optimum place before the breast reduction. If the nipple is low (especially if it is below the breast crease), a breast lift is usually needed along with the breast reduction.
  • Full upper breast
    The shape of the breast should include fullness at the top of the breast before the breast reduction in Southern California, or the breasts will not be in the correct placement on the body after the reduction. Fullness at the top of the breasts provides cleavage and optimum aesthetic appeal.

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