Beverly Hills Breast Reduction

Shoulder and neck pain. Discomfort when exercising. An inability to find tops that flatter your figure. These are just a few of the problems that can confront women who have uncomfortably large breasts. As many women throughout Southern California already know, breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can profoundly change a woman’s look and her life.

The Beverly Hills Breast Reduction was developed by the board-certified plastic surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to offer women considering breast reduction a combination of some of the most advanced laser surgery techniques available in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery.

With so much of life to enjoy, what are you waiting for? Receive a comprehensive breast makeover from the breast reduction surgeons near Beverly Hills, California at Marina Plastic Surgery. Request your appointment online and learn how you can receive a FREE consultation with one of our surgeons at select times.

Beverly Hills Breast Reduction – What Is It?

You may be wondering what makes the Beverly Hills Breast Reduction so special. Why is it different from traditional breast reduction procedures? The key difference is a combination of two laser surgery technologies. Our Southern California breast reduction surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens, has performed hundreds of breast reduction procedures and believes this combination technology leads to improved results.

First, to help perform surgery more precisely, our surgeon uses a laser-assisted breast reduction technique. As part of the surgery, he also creates a Laser Bra, an internal brassiere using natural breast tissue. In conjunction, these laser procedures help to create an enhanced, attractive look that can be enjoyed soon after surgery and for many years to come. To see a sample of our surgeon’s work, be sure to view before & after pictures in our photo gallery.

More Info on Lasers in Breast Reduction

The Beverly Hills Breast Reduction wouldn’t exist without innovations in laser technology. Laser-assisted breast reduction and the Laser Bra procedure help our surgeons create shapely, supported breasts that both look and feel better for women who are tired of dealing with awkward, uncomfortable breasts.

  • Laser-Assisted Breast Reduction
    By using lasers during the breast reduction procedures he performs, Dr. Stevens is able to shorten surgery times and achieve precise results. Lasers also help to protect nipple function and breast sensation, and can reduce the amount of post-surgical bleeding and scarring.
  • The Laser Bra
    The Stevens Laser Bra is an internal brassiere made from the excess skin that would be discarded following a traditional breast reduction procedure. Our surgeon is able to reuse this tissue inside the breast by first carefully preparing it using laser technology and then attaching it as an internal support to the breast wall. The advantage: the Laser Bra naturally holds your breasts in their more youthful position and shape.

If you’ve lived for years with the hassle of large breasts, you’re certainly not alone. Read a few stories from our Southern California breast reduction patients and hear from others about the exciting transformation that’s possible through cosmetic surgery.

Women looking for an innovative breast reduction surgeon near Beverly Hills, California owe it to themselves to come in for a consultation with Dr. Stevens. Though his consultation schedule is often booked months in advance, our online visitors get exclusive access to the practice. He has set aside a few hours each week when people who request their appointment online can save up to $150 off the consultation fee. Sign up online and a member of our staff will schedule your appointment so you can get started with your breast reduction experience soon.

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