Breast Reduction Support Los Angeles

Nipple Repair Site
Millions of women suffer with nipple and areola abnormalities such as inverted, enlarged or extended nipples, and puffy, enlarged or discolored areola. Marina Plastic Surgery Associates presents a nipple repair specialty site to help women understand their options for nipple and areola correction.

Breast Health Online
Breast Health Online provides support to women through FAQs, members journals, links, resources and chat areas.

BFAR – Breast Feeding After Reduction
This website provides information and support to mothers who wish to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles or across the country.

The National Women’s Health Resource Center
The National Women’s Health Resource Center provides health information to women through news items, chat ares and support resources.

Read about breast reduction surgery on Aetna’s web site. Aetna is one of the nation’s leading providers of health, dental, group, life, disability and long-term care benefits.

Implant Info
Implant Info contains real stories and support information on breast reductions, breast lifts and breast augmentation.

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