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Would you like to schedule a consultation for breast reduction surgery with one of our surgeons, yet you live outside of the Los Angeles area? Not to worry, our patients and their families fly in from all over the world. So, we have developed a convenient travel program that is sure to meet the needs of our out-of-town guests. Our “Fly-in Patient” program offers tips for flying into nearby LAX (Los Angeles Airport), as well as recommendations and discounted rates for hotel and aftercare facility accommodations.

To get started on your journey, request your consultation today through our Inside Online feature, which gives our Web visitors exclusive benefits such as free consultations at select times with our surgeons.

Three Easy Steps to More Beautiful Breasts!

Step 1. The Initial Consultation

Prior to scheduling your breast reduction surgery, one of our surgeons will examine you and review your history to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Your initial consultation can be conducted in one of two ways:

  • “Fly-in Patient” Personal Consultation and Exam
    Visit us at our Los Angeles location for a personal examination and consultation with the doctor.
  • Virtual Consultation and Exam by mail
    Request a virtual consultation from our office and we will send a packet of forms and materials to be completed for review by our team. You will then mail to us a letter outlining your expectations and concerns, several photos of your breasts and the completed forms. The team will review your materials and respond within two weeks of the arrival of your information. It’s that simple.
  • Online Virtual Consultation
    Fill out our online form for a quick and personal “consultation”. This is ideal for the person who has digital photos to upload and likes communicating via email.

After your initial consultation, our Patient Coordinator will call to advise you of the results of your assessment, the estimated fees and related surgery expenses, as well as the length of stay required after the procedure (typically 7-10 days). At this time, you will also receive recommendations for hotel and post-operative facilities in the Los Angeles area.

Step 2. Scheduling Your Procedure

After you have met with a doctor and feel comfortable and prepared to proceed with breast reduction surgery, our Patient Coordinator will begin scheduling.

  • Setting a surgery appointment and payment method
    The Patient Coordinator will work with you to choose a time for the procedure.
    Monday/Tuesday combinations are most popular, but you may choose the time that suits you best. A deposit payable by check or major credit card is required to secure your surgery appointment, while the balance is due at the pre-operative visit. At this time, we will also mail surgical consent forms and other information to your home for review.
  • The day before surgery
    This two-hour visit will be spent preparing you for surgery. You will receive a physical examination and we will discuss pre- and post-operative instructions, as well as review your consent forms.
  • The day of surgery
    Your breast reduction will be performed at the Marina Outpatient Surgery Center, which is directly across the street from our office. You may be asked to stay at a postoperative care center after your surgery.

Insurance coverage for your procedure - ask Jessica how

Step 3. The Road to Recovery

During your seven to 10-day stay, you will need to follow carefully all of our post-operative guidelines to ensure optimal recovery. We will routinely assess your progress, incorporating your post-op visits into this required length of stay. During the recovery period, many of our fly-in patients choose to stay at Serenity aftercare facility where 24-hour nursing care and all the amenities of a luxury hotel ensure that you are safe and comfortable. Our goal is to ensure that you return home rested and thoroughly satisfied with your surgery results. Once you have returned home, we can also recommend a local physician for follow-up visits.

We welcome guests from any locale. Whether you will be traveling alone for surgery or bringing family members, our “Fly-in Patient” Program can help you secure the travel and accommodations you need for a comfortable, successful stay. Request your consultation through Inside Online today and let us help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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