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Dr. Stevens Video clear

Dr. Stevens Talks Breast Reduction on “The Wellness Hour”

Dr. Grant Stevens discusses his techniques on Breast Reduction. Using Laser Assisted technology, Dr. Stevens Performs the procedure with little to no blood loss enabling a Quick Recovery.

JoDean's Laser Bra clear

JoDean’s Breast Reduction

JoDean had been waiting for years to have a surgery near Beverly Hills for breast reduction to reduce her large breast size. After meeting with 15 different surgeons, she selected Dr. Stevens and the Stevens Laser Bra breast reduction surgery to achieve the natural-looking results she wanted.
As seen on: KVBC Las Vegas NBC/Heathline 3

Dr. Stevens on Entertainment Tonight clear

Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight features Dr. Stevens’ perspective on the ThermaCool Facelift, Laser Bra breast reduction near Pasadena, and Gummy Bear breast implants. Watch ET’s interviews of Dr. Grant Stevens and his facelift and breast reduction patients from Pasadena and Los Angeles to learn more about these new cosmetic surgery techniques.

Kristen's Laser Bra clear

Kristen’s Laser Bra Breast Reduction

At 5 feet tall, Kristen was concerned about how her large breasts caused her to hunch, creating back problems. Kristen turned to Dr. Grant Stevens for a breast reduction near Beverly Hills using the Stevens Laser Bra. Dr. Stevens uses laser surgery to create a natural internal brassiere to reduce and lift the breasts.
As seen on: The Other Half

Briana's Breast Reduction clear

Amalia’s Breast Reduction

Troubled by her large breasts, Amalia turned to the Stevens Laser Bra, a breast reduction procedure near Pasadena. Back pain, neck pain and shoulder groove pains from weighted bra straps are associated with large, saggy breasts. Like Amalia, Pasadena patients choose breast reduction from Dr. Stevens to relieve their pain.
As seen on Lifetime’s: Speaking of Women’s Health: A Makeover for Life

Briana's Breast Reduction clear

Briana’s Breast Reduction

Small-framed Briana sought a surgeon near Beverly Hills for a breast reduction procedure to relieve the back and neck pain created by her large, pendulous breasts. Briana received a laser-assisted Stevens Laser Bra breast lift by Dr. Grant Stevens to give her more freedom to enjoy her favorite activities comfortably.
As seen on Discovery Health: Plastic Surgery Before and After: “Body Cuts”

Angela B in the Cup of C clear

Angela’s Breast Reduction: From DDD to C

Angela was embarrassed by her large breasts, so she opted for a Pasadena-area breast reduction surgery utilizing the new Stevens Laser Bra. Angela felt that her breast size limited the clothes she could buy and the things she could do, so she chose Dr. Grant Stevens and his laser breast reduction surgery to go from a DDD to a full C.
As seen on The Learning Channel’s A Personal Story

Devin's Lift clear

Devin’s Breast Reduction & Lift

As Devin got older her increased breast size prompted her to seek a procedure near Pasadena for breast reduction. Devin’s breasts grew larger over time, leaving her self-conscious about her appearance and sore in the neck and back. She traveled across the country to have Dr. Grant Stevens help restore her shape through the Stevens Laser Bra breast reduction and breast lift.
As seen on The Learning Channel’s A Personal Story

Stevens Laser Bra clear

Stevens Laser Bra

The Stevens Laser Bra is a new laser procedure for breast reduction patients in Pasadena and Beverly Hills. Patients with saggy or overly large breasts benefit from this more permanent breast lift procedure. It uses skin tissue from the patient’s own body to form an internal brassiere that cannot be felt or seen, but gently holds the breasts in a naturally shapely position.

About Breast Reduction Surgery clear

Breast Reduction Overview

Hear Dr. Grant Stevens talk about his new surgical techniques for breast reduction near Beverly Hills. His Stevens Laser Bra combines laser technology and surgery to construct an internal brassiere that helps ensure longer-lasting, more shapely results for Beverly Hills women desiring breast reduction. Dr. Stevens strives to create natural looking results using the patient’s own tissues for a more permanent breast lift.

The LaserBra on Sky Radio

Click to listen to Dr. Grant Stevens interviewed on Sky Radio about the Laser Bra.


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