Breast Shape After Surgery

When it comes to Breast Reduction surgery one big question looms larger than all others: what will my breasts look like after my procedure?

In general the breasts will be smaller, firmer and higher up on your chest wall. Some women will also have their areola reduced in size and/or repositioned to be in proportion with their new smaller breasts.

During the pre-operative consultation the amount of your reduction will be determined. The key is balance — keeping your body in proportion. What determines this? Your height, frame, body shape, and hip size all factor in. If your breasts become too small it can make your hips look larger. If your frame is very small, you may need more reduced. Your physician will discuss all of this with you, as well as listen to what you have envisioned for yourself.

After Surgery

After surgery, even though you will have some swelling, you will immediately notice the change in your breasts. However, the final shape and appearance of your breasts may not be apparent for six months to one year. Meanwhile, your breasts will be smaller, firmer and younger looking.

While Breast Reductions are permanent, some things can affect breast shape and size. Breasts will still droop over time (but with less breast mass this process will be slower). Breasts size can fluctuate if you gain or lose weight. Breasts can swell or become tender to the touch under hormonal influences.

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